제목 [Dispensette]



 The Dispensette® III permits rapid, repeatable dispensing of exact quantities of reagents. It has a floating piston for seal-free dispensing, an adjustable dispensing angle for optimum readability and safety, plus a telescoping filling tube that can be easily adjusted to many different bottle sizes. A unique SafetyPrime® valve (Product No. 6005736), which avoids waste by recirculating reagent while priming the dispenser, is also available.

􀁎 High accuracy: 0.5% with 0.1% coefficient of variation
􀁎 Ideal for high viscosity fluids.
􀁎 Autoclavable without disassembling
􀁎 Integrated safety discharge system
􀁎 Unique SafetyPrime-1 pt valve (optional)

Dispensettes are delivered complete with a 30/32 mm and 32/45 mm adapter, 250–480 mm long FEP filling tube and discharge tube. All Dispensettes are specifically adapted for dispensing liquids of higher viscosity and fit all of the container sizes.



 Product No.  

 Dispensette, 0.2–2.0 mL                    


 Dispensette, 0.5–5.0 mL


 Dispensette, 1.0–10.0 mL


 Dispensette III, with SafetyPrime® Valve, 1.0–10.0 mL


 SafetyPrime-1 pt Venting Valve




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